Let us help you to get rid of those pests the right way. We offer you solutions that really work! Pest control is more than just pesticide applications, and we will work with you, advising you on what you need to do to both reduce your pest infestations as well as to prevent them.

We offer pest control services for both domestic and commercial/industral clients, and our treatments are tailored to your needs:

Domestic: Our homes are our safe havens, and we have no room for those unwanted pests. Also, besides being a nuisance, pests can be destructive, sometimes attacking our most valuable asset - our house. But getting rid of them MUST be done safely for our family's sake. We target pests both inside and outside (as well as under) your house using tried and tested methods and pesticides that are applied in a safe manner. And our work is GUARANTEED!!!

Commercial: The office is not without its pests, and often, such as in the food industry, these pests can be very difficult to manage. Fortunately, we have the skills and equipment to eliminate these pests too. Our Field Pest Biologist, Edwin Fuhri, oversees all our clients who are in the food industry. Edwin makes sure that the pests are controlled (and prevented) while maintaining safe conditions for product and people. We work along with your HACCP programs, and are committed to IPM's (see "IPM" tab below). 

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What does it mean to go "green"? These words have been thrown around lately, but often this is nothing more than just words. To Go Green, you have to adopt business and lifestyle changes to reduce the negative impacts on our environment. An

Biokill deals with a broad range insect pests, and works well in both Industrial and Domestic applications. This is done using Cold Fogging Equipment (ULV) allowing the product to be applied broadly and in ultra low droplet size. The active ingredien

Entomologist Inspections Using SAPCA Registered Inspectors, we inspect all visible timbers for any wood destroying insects. SAPCA, or the South African Pest Control Association, has been placed to regulate and ensure certain industry standards tha

What are IPM's? Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an enviromentally sensitive approach to pest management that makes use of a combination of practises. The type and behaviour of the pest is taken into account, along with the availa

The Field Pest Biologist culminates in a Master Pest Control Operator whose function it would be to set up a full pest control program for a facility. This would entail a full assessment of the site to identify infestation, areas of access and vulner