What does it mean to go "green"? These words have been thrown around lately, but often this is nothing more than just words. To Go Green, you have to adopt business and lifestyle changes to reduce the negative impacts on our environment. And "Green Pest Control" can assist in this. "Green Pest Control" requires adopting tools and methods that reduce potential environmental impacts while still controlling pests. 

"Green pest control" does not mean that NO pesticides are used, but it means that where pesticides are required, the correct product and application method be used to minimize risk to people, pets and the environment. 

"Green Pest Control" also means pesticides are not always the first or only options, but involves an integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Really, "green pest control" is an extension of integrated pest management. Customers need to be educated and cooperation is essential through improving sanitation, pest "proofing" and operational changes.  

Recent advances in chemistry have yielded materials that have extremely low mammalian toxicity. BioKill is one such product that can be used safely with no harmful effects on people of animals.